Our Story

      What started as a passion for adventure and capturing anything I could, evolved into capturing the moments that tell your story.

      My interest in photography began in high school when a friend took a photography class while I had a spare period. I continued to ask about his camera until he explained how it worked, I couldn’t put it down, so much so that I spent every free period the rest of that semester in that class, handing in assignments and working on projects independently as I was not registered. Being intrigued by everything around us; textures, materials, architecture, light, shadows, action, emotion suddenly I was looking at the world with a new set of eyes, they came in the form of a camera and lens. Now this isn’t one of those stories that continues “and the rest was history..” life happened. School, work, all the stuff in between, As much as I loved photography I was growing up and life was happening, photography took a back seat until I started travelling and the story continues on.

      As a father of 3, I began shooting images constantly of the children almost always having a camera out ready to go (Falling asleep with it in my hand has happened). When you become a parent you begin to fully understand how fast life moves, children grow up so quickly and the moments that define the memories seem to be lost too often.


      My son and I were out shooting in Balls Falls, Lincoln Ontario one morning and we started noticing families and couples with a photographer following them. His first question (he was 9 at the time) “Hey Dad, why don’t we do that?” with a big smile on his face, followed by concern as we noticed a family struggling to get a shot of their young twin girls. It became clear; why don't we?

      After looking at shots I had taken, I noticed that the images that I truly loved were the ones that weren’t posed. The shots that had the sly little grin as our son seemingly snuck a cookie in the background of a picture of our daughter giggling on the floor. Things we never aimed to capture became the focus of my next shots a day later, and they were all priceless. The moment of pure joy before a big laugh from our newborn daughter, to our sons face catching a football. They all began to display the emotion and passion we saw everyday, yet never captured in any “posed” photo. Candid moments are when our true selves present themselves. As a photographer I appreciate there are moments when “structured” or “posed” shots are required, however I aim to capture the moments in between. The time when the camera is not “supposed” to be out, as the relaxed personal little details are present and happen effortlessly.